• Aviation facilities / Commercial / Naval vessels
  • Computer & electronic control rooms
  • Critical military systems
  • Data processing centers
  • Medical facilities
  • Museums

When it comes to protecting critical assets, nothing comes close to Novec 1230

Using water as a fire suppressant in areas where electronics operate and irreplaceable high-value assets are stored could be as devastating as fire itself. Protect them instead with an ANSUL® Novec 1230® clean agent system, custom-engineered to quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without causing harm to people or the environment.

The Difference is Crystal Clear

The heart of the system is revolutionary 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid, a clear, colorless and odourless clean agent. Stored in cylinders in its fluid form, Novec 1230 instantly vaporizes upon discharge, totally flooding protected spaces and absorbing heat better than water. The Novec 1230 system suppresses a fire before it can start by detecting it at invisible levels. And once the danger has passed, Novec 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets.

Safe For People

Because it is used at concentrations of only 5.3% to 5.8% by volume, well below the 10% concentration maximum for safe exposure, Novec 1230 provides the widest safety margin of any chemical clean agent available today. In accordance with ISO 14520 part 5, Novec 1230 is safe for occupied spaces.

Safe For The Planet

An ozone depletion potential (OPD) of zero, a global warming potential (GWP) of one and a five-day atmospheric lifetime (the next closest product is 33 years) makes Novec 1230 the cleanest, most environment-friendly chemical agent in existence.

Total Area Protection

The standard ANSUL Novec 1230 fixed nozzle system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual activation. Each system is custom engineered to the specific application by trained ANSUL distributors.